How to Shop more Sustainably

Nachhaltig Einkaufen: Warum es wichtig ist & wie es uns gelingt

Ist es überhaupt von Bedeutung, wo und wie wir unser Geld ausgeben? Ich würde das mit einem klaren "Ja" beantworten. "Jedes Mal, wenn du Geld ausgibst, stimmst du darüber ab, welche Welt du möchtest", ist auch Anna Lappé, Autorin und Nachhaltigkeits-Aktivistin, überzeugt. Wenn unser Konsum also politisch ist, sollten wir dann nicht versuchen, unser Geld dort auszugeben, wo es der Umwelt nicht schadet? Weniger kaufen und dabei vor allem auf Qualität und Produktionsbedingungen achten. Im folgenden Artikel findet ihr ein paar Tipps für einen nachhaltigeren Einkauf.

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: For the US Southwest Lover

With holiday season just around the corner it’s getting time to gather a few presents for your loved ones (or why not even treat yourself with something nice). Running this blog it’s obviously no secret I’ve completely fallen for the Southwest and everyhing that relates to it in some way. I love to surround myself with things that remind me of this very special southwestern vibe. With Christmas coming soon, I thought it might be a nice idea to create a list with some of my favorite things that will bring the Southwest into your home. So here’s my 2020 holiday gift guide for the US Southwest Lover, it might even be you. 😉

List of Vegan Food in Los Angeles

A Vegan Food Guide to Los Angeles

Beautiful beaches and a vibrant city life surrounded by palm trees and endless sunshine – there are many reasons why I love Los Angeles so much. Eating entirely plant-based can be quite difficult sometimes, not if you’re in Los Angeles though. There are so many delicious vegan food spots the real challenge lies in deciding where to go first. Check out the vegan food guide to Los Angeles and discover where to grab the most delicious plant-based menus.

US Polilitical Documentaries you need to watch

Five Political US Documentaries You Need To Watch

In less than two weeks, on november 3rd, the 2020 United States presidential election is taking place. For all of us outside of the United States, there’s not much more to do than sit back and watch what happens. We all know that there’s a lot at stake. If you are as nervous and excited as I am, you might want to wrap your head around some political issues, relevant in the upcoming election. So here are five political US documentaries you need to watch right now (if you haven’t already).